Uwe Schlottermüller fotographiert von Britt Schilling


Uwe W. Schlottermüller


Born in 1958 in Celle, Germany. Apprenticeship as a woodwind-instrument maker.

Since 1978

he has attended various courses for historical dance.

He studied musicology and ethnology in Freiburg. Academic assistant at the German Folksong Archive (Freiburg).

Training as dance director at the LAG Tanz Baden-Württemberg.

Since 1988

instructor at his own and other music and dance courses. Research in the area of historical dance, ballroom dancing, music, gestures.

Since 1991

he has presented his own full-length programs with theatre, music and dance.

Freelance work for the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra, with a focus on research, music procurement, and music setting.

Since 1994

he has had his own ensemble for music and historical dance in Freiburg.


foundation of the publishing house "fa-gisis - Musik- und Tanzedition".

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